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Quality Policy

Kayatel Yaylilar, Inc. takes as a goal in the expanding world market ; To use high technology to take part in the increasing competition,  To respond to the customers’ expectations fully in terms of price, quality system, delivery and product quality, To have a good and a continuous place in the domestic and foreign market, To establish continuous quality awareness of the workers and enhance quality management system continuously, ISO 9001:2000 quality management system has been established in our company and we are continuously working to improve it.


- To respond the customers’ expectations fully and on time.- To produce the desired springs in the most economical way with the highest    - To have a good and a continuous place in the foreign market


- Wire diameter between 0.10 mm. -16.00 mm.- DIN 17223/2076 quality A,B,C,D class steel wire  - AISI 302/304/316 quality stainless steel wire- AISI 302/316 quality nickel coated stainless steel wire- Music wire- Phosphor bronze wire CuSn6, CuSn8,- Oil tempered wire- Brass coated steel wire


- Spring length & positioning- Extension,compression,bending tests- Surface control TS 2500/3.1- Product